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This blog will share a toolkit, or sprint, to design your service. This will help design and re-design the experience where the interaction between the service and the customer happens.

Design methodologies are things like iterative prototyping, visualization, structured brainstorming, techniques for embracing uncertainty, and research for building deep empathy and understanding of people.


Interaction designers work across physical and digital space. Since users’ moments of contact, or touchpoints, with services providers happen both on a digital screen and in the regular physical world, somebody behind the scenes had been thinking holistically about both realms.

To me, Experience Design (XD) is the umbrella. Experience design is creating relevant interactions based on user empathy that are of value to user of a product or service.


The following 12 steps show a way to successfully design your service. How to listen to your users and see where you could add the value.


stephanie de rooij