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How to start? Life after the brief.

Starting of with exploration, debriefing.

Imagine the most cool company EVER enters through your door and briefs you on a problem.
YES, that's amazing! Let's do this!

So how does the process go? 


To start, make sure you gather all the right ingredients to start your design sprint. Find the right people, brief and set the stage.

First task: Research. Understand the company: what is the company's culture? Does company know what service design is?
Research all you can find on the company, e.g. : past projects. Find yourself your valuable insights into the company. What are the goals, the wishes?  And of course: Their competition!
Identify the needs of the company.

In order to do valuable research, debier yourself and translate their brief into your own words. ' How might we .... ?' This in order to share your insights of the research: So if the need is to engage more visitors, answer with your insight. The company needs to engage more visitors because it has lost a big part of the market to another company.

You're in for level two! Understand the user. Find the true motivations behind your customers behaviour. Why, why, why, why? Explore the mindset and behaviour of all the people involved: understand them.

Research the target group. Who are they? What do they spent? Where do they come from? 
Make this clear, post-it on the wall, spread it out. Any way that makes it clear for you who you are dealing with. 
What they want, why they want it, what moves them?

Next step: explore. Use techniques such as brainstorming, prototyping and persona's to find new valuable ways. Create ideas and then innovate and iterate them.  What idea works? What can make it even more awesome?

Lastly, visualise your findings. Make the intangible, tangible. Communicate your idea, share your recommendations.

Hope these steps will give you grip on the brief, the first step to get you started. 

Any questions? Doubts? Interests? Leave them below!

stephanie de rooij