experience designer // public historian


I create innovative concepts.
You will often hear me say 'I have an idea...'

At Hyper Island I learned how to generate ideas and build on them.
Therefore I am not afraid to think different than others and articulate it.
Created concepts for Greenpeace, Spotify, Adidas, TATE, Insinger Gilisen and the Scottish Ballet.


With a background in history I always start my process with research. Both desk research and with users.
I have experience with service design tools such as customer journey mapping, empathy maps, persona's etc to generate new insights.
Always looking to make a holistic product that adds to the brand.


Greenpeace asked us to develop an activity which volunteers could offer at a festival that would engage festival public. The goal was to communicate Greenpeace values and ideas so that the visitor would share their contact details. This as answer to 'petition fatigue.' We came up with an Arctic Ice Bar: 'Keep cool what is supposed to be cool.'

HEMA turned 90 in 2016, of course a big reason for celebration. They wanted to show the celebration on-line. Keyword: confetti.