experience designer // public historian

Webapp Development UX/UI

Hyper Heat

Challenge: Hyper Island (HI) alumni group Hyper Heat asked us to create an alumni network to connect Hypers on a global scale.

Insights: The current communication ecosystem for the HI community is chaotic and information is unfiltered, thus often irrelevant for the recipients. The HI community greatly values to give, and receive relevant information. And, the most common denominator is that everyone wants to continue learning amongst Hypers, as the "Hyper way" is a specific way of working, learning and thinking that not many other people share.

Solution: We not only wanted to connect the HI community in a more effective way, but also facilitate self-learning between Hypers to build on the accumulated expertise in the body of alumni. We prototyped an app which easily connects Hypers to meet-up in person to share expertise and develop together.

Result: Hyper alumni loved it. We're starting a kickstarter campaign to develop the app.