experience designer // public historian

NT / Moseley

As dissertation project for my masters public history at the Royal Holloway, University of London, I created a learning experience for children.
It took the shape of a little working booklet where you could uncover the thought and practices of healthy living in the late renaissance.
This project was staged in the monumental house 'The Moseley Old Hall.' 

By experiencing and discovering the children learned together with their parents about the differences between then and now.


Developing a learning tool for children asks that you very thoroughly understand the subject.
It was adventuresome to find the best way to communicate the story by researching different forms and mediums.
Eventually I chose for a printed little workbook as this was easy reprintable, you could bring it home and every one could use it at their own pace.


The project was received very enthusiastically by the volunteers.
Therefore it was implemented easily and had great response from the children.
In two months the visitors with children rose with 7%.
A big learning and insight was the art of managing stakeholders.