experience designer // public historian

Bringing people together

Bringing people together,
is what makes me happy.

I enjoy bringing out the best in people. 
This is what I do when I share my yoga classes and the reason why I organise Outliers Nights as side project.

In 2015 I started a yoga brand: Love & Light Yoga.

Renting my own studio, I acquired a steady client base of around 25 people who would come weekly to one of my three lessons. Registered teacher at the Yoga Alliance. My goal of the lessons is sharing a wonderful and soft atmosphere where everyone can experience their strengths.

During the Outliers Nights we invite four emerging creative talents to take the stage. Here they can share their passions and process; what it took them to be where they are.

We have already had multiple editions that brought inspiration, kickstarted new collaborations and expanded everyone's network. In our intimate setting, everyone contributes.