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Stephanie is a capturing keynote speaker on the art of real attention.

- how to get ànd give attention, at work & at home.

Stephanie is an expert in the field of attention, a main 21st century competence. In this talk she will show you how attention has become a currency, in an age with an abundance of information and distraction, and just a limited amount of attention. In her talk she will deep dive into the psychology behind attention, the social cultural changes that influence our attention and will share key lessons to become a more attentive leader and create a work culture where attention is prevailing.

What is your companies' attention gap?

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Topics & Insights

Stephanie specializes in the value of real attention & self-leadership and the implications for business strategy.

Getting and giving attention is harder than ever in our digital, distracted, increasingly busy society.  Overwhelming research shows that a great attention culture is key for any successful organization to prosper.

But how to get an attentive culture in your organization?




Stephanie is an expert on the art of attention and gives entertaining presentations and workshops that are both academic ánd practical. She is on a mission to show the world the value of real attention and fight unconscious behavior and inefficiency by sharing practical tips to root attention into every facet of business and personal life.

With a masters degree in both Experience Design from Hyper Island and Public History from the University of London, she has always had a keen interest in storytelling and weaving communication together with academic insights. Currently a wayfinding designer at Mijksenaar and yoga teacher, where she daily practices designing unconscious human behavior. By observing thousands of users living on the 'automatic pilot' she has developed deep insights to alter this.

Charismatic, passionate and interactive. Bring the outside world in. Sharpen your business strategy with Stephanie de Rooij, an attention expert that grabs any audience with a combination of research, visuals, stories and practical business tools. Described by clients as ‘memorable intellectual entertainment.’

Also experienced in facilitating creativity, moderation and workshops.

Heel fijn om met een open en nieuwsgierig persoon als Stephanie samen te werken. Ze brengt haar verhaal op een eigen spontane manier.
— Eline Janssen - Spring House
You captivated our attention the whole way through
— Kelly Hirina, Yoga Moves

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