experience designer // public historian


I am a storyteller.
This is what I do naturally.

My drive is to share what I know. By doing so, I hope to inspire people. 

I bring storytelling into practice as a yoga teacher and keynote speaker.

I have built up experience in making exhibitions, radio programmes and pitching creative concepts to big brands.
Of course I also have experience online, where I concepted the website that tells the story of the Fire of London. (see project)

During my masters Public History, I learned the art of making large amounts of information easy digestible for a wide audience.

Also, I love to write.

For instance my blog about finding a job.
Last year, I had an insight and felt that I had to share it.
Within two months I had been read over 2200 times, been shared over 15 times and even been thanked many times.
Especially by the 3 people that found a job through this blog.