experience designer // public historian


I think in strategies.
Always weighing and researching all the options.

Someone once told me: 'you always think in opportunities. Never in problems.'

This is the way I approach life and work.
I therefore am very fond of thinking of new strategies and brand propositions.
Which I for instance did for two banks who had merged together with a strategist and visual designer at Fabrique.

Also, I did my internship at the strategy department of the National Trust. I was the junior for the head of Outdoor Enterprises.
He had as goal: 'to deliver a national project to mature 700 site parking estate and create consistent and valued outdoor gateways.'
This meant I had to visit the car parks, speak to the rangers and get insights into what the current state was.
With all this information we started to roll out a standardized way of the welcomes at the car parks.
Mind you; car parks are the primary place where we can welcome and interact with our visitors. Especially at the countryside places, this was often the only 'touchpoint' with the visitors and most important place to put down your brand.
Within six months we created guidance and examples of best practices of the standards. This ensured visitors to get what they expect and operational staff could plan and budget for work.
The whole project doubled the car park revenue of the 'explore' car parks which we focused on in two years.