experience designer // public historian



The Postal museum began in 2004 as The British Postal Museum & Archive.
In the new location the Postal Museum will consist of two parts; the museum and the 'mail rail' which is a one km attraction. 
Fabrique did their rebranding and new on-line identity anticipating the new location and opening in 2017.


The challenge was to develop a website which not only serves the visitor seamlessly with practical information, but also inspires the public and involves them.
It was a great project as we could start from scratch and had a strong collaboration with the Postal Museum.
I was responsible for the information architecture and the interaction design.


This is the wireframe I made for the homepage below.
Did you notice the little random object in the footer?
This 'golden nugget' leads you to the archive, which they manage for the Royal Mail.
It therefore had to be on the website, but not obviously. 

The museum association reviewed the website very positively in september 2017, see below.


β€˜The website brings out the human side of a potentially dry subject.’